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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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meeingitis outbreak. a deadly outbreak.cairnn)"do you think you hhd meningitis? (response- show face) "i think i could av" hhve."why a harford county woman thinns sse may haveebeen a victim. camera.nicole says: "it was hor" horrifyiig." how the mother of the victim says the school district let her son down. getting a break from the way for theeweekend in my skywatch forecast. forecast. and letter grades for restaurants restaurants (35:22)its just somebody...what hose grades ..- would mean anddwhy some people don't thiik it would be a good idee. phello i'm jeff barnd. ann i'm pennifer gilbert. gglbert. the size of aafungal meningitis outbreak that has weeks.we... e next -
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could... see hundreds... p perhaps áthousaadsá... of... new patients./..some... right here... in m. maryland.more... than... 30 cases.... of... asper--jillus... meningitis... have... already... been linked... to... the... apparently... taiited drrg... p in... these... six states...//the... problem is...the... drug ...was diitributed... to... 23... states. states.the... drug... in question.... is....used for... pain relief../..nd... injected directly... into... the spine john dreyzehner/tn health commissioner 21:22:18 "when you take a bacteria or a fungus aad it's physically &pplaced in a normally sterile space with particular situations ii can wreak real havok and that ay be what's occurring in hii situation." situationn"tte... "new england... compounding in massaahusetts... makee the - drug../.and... recaaled... 3 lots... of the drug,... unlike... other forms... of meningitis.../this... transmitted... from... perssn-to-person of... thh people... who... diedd.. outbreak..../ lived... in... d
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oo meningitts...and dozens f - other marylanders aae now being tested after receiving the tainted drug... kathleen cairns... introduces us ... to... one woman.../ &p says... she.. may have... contracted the disease. first on fox tonight--- from the serenity of her home in havre de gracc... liia tibbs tells us how violently sick she got this summer... (lisa tibbs)"i had horrible painnall over.. i had a fever it was just... i literally she's wondering if it was w meningitts. (lisa ibbs)"i ad injections during that time or..was it that... am i just reaaly lucky that it didn't take my life.. " she haa been ccnter in osedale... which is just one of seveeal centers in maryland that received and then pulled from uus the
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effected steroid product. meningitis? (responne- ssow now she's wants to know if it could still e in her system term effects. (lisa tibbs)"im - still probably gging to go over to patieet first.. and get ahhh and find outt" she blames the drug companyyfor spreading the illness... maryland health officials are widespread it ii here. ----(stateeofficiil)----- "we believe there are probably hundreds of patients who may have received an injection and those cases are currently under investigation"mmanwhile, lisa has lots of questions. (lisa tibbs)"when did the rug company find ut thattthese bad doses werr going out???" and he's haunted by thee.... what if's: (lisa tibbs)"now i'm looking back.. i could of died!""in harford co kc ox 45 news at 10 maryland health officials say more illnesses are expectee from the njections. &p it's... a ...
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investigating áthemselvesá.../// janice park... streaming live dowwttwn.../ headquarters../. where... . pplicee.. idennified... 3---officers... in... andersonn janice?jeff, jeff, baltimore poliie's homicide unit is spearheading thissinvestigating into three of their oon.we've learned tonight that ne of them is a deeorated officer, nne hot in the line of ddty...while two others have been sued in the past for alleged the offfcerr have been identified as todd strohman, gregg boyd, and michael vodaric. vodarick.strohman is a decorated officer...who was shot in tte line of duty here in 2010...on north calvert street.ssptember 21st...police initially said they had cauuht anthony anderson in a drug deal.but witnesses along with anderson'ssfamily say he was beat by autopsy given to the family earlier this eee, revealed thatt anderson died of blunt ffrce
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trauma.tonight, the aatorney vodarick were ueddin the past 3 "this is a testamentt when you allow bad police officers on forcee hey shoold have been accountable for their wrongful actiins by theebaltimore city police depprtmenn" "this is a situation we've never experienced before commmssioner batts met withh the famill and officers so far, tte offiiers have not been charged with any wrongdoong.the process is this, the baltimore city police homicide seccion will invvstigaiton...then t ii up to the states' attorney on wheeher ay charges are filed. live ii downtown baltimore, jp fox45 news at ten. 3 pacused of stabbing a fellow
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bars eld without bail. crime and jussicc reporter joy lepola talked with the teen's who is the real victii in this . :56-1:08trt 1:35 ((pkg)) amily and friends say 17 ear old darrell johns acted in self defense whhn he week at heritage high school. johns mother spoke with me bullyinn....just minutes after &pbe held without bail.12:15:27 iim just upset that the judge didn't look and listen to the they heard about it. :38 johns attorney expllined how a group of bullies had tarreted the speciaa education student for weees. 12:17:13 there respecc to the chool and to the pplice officer's who were there and unfortunately nothing happened.:20 and, a school policceofficer s prepared to testify to that poinn.12:18:21 i believe a trial on this matter is goiig
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to flush out all the facts that thissyoung man was said he was anddthat hh wassin phoice :29 (stand upp ccurr pocuments detail how johns allegedly pulled a 3 1/2 inch folding knife out and stabbbd the other student ii the chest. olice say the teen then ran frommthe scene to where hissmother works. detectives laaer found the kniie right where johns told them he ditched it.... i johns family may blame bullyyng for why he took a pniff to school.... family members of victim tell me there is moreeto this case that has not come out yet.ii 45 news at ten..-o lepola fox - since this is now a legal baltimore city school system says she can't comment on the a... big ust... of a drug operation... in... harford county countythese... are... just... sooeeof the things... police recovered...///.cash...
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andd.. 680--housand dollars... ii... drugs....///the... bust... led to... 1 arrests.../ ...and... shut down... a... gang.../known... as... the... ""orlds most dangeeous"... gang../.that... operated... in a reisterstown man is charged with kidnapping his roomate... who's also his oworker at the company. poliie say jjstin gorham overpayinggfor a load of scrap metal by 2 thousand dollars... and demanded he ppy him baak. phen the victim rreused, police say gorham pulled a gun &pann toll him toocall his brother for the cash. cash.the brother agreed to meet them at a gas station, waiting when the men arrived. gorham is being held at the baltimorr county detentionn center. the victim was 3-alarm fire in fellsspoint. a it happened around 5:30 this morning at a liquor store on fleet street near broadway. pire officials fought the fiiee from the outtide because oo the dangerous conditions inside. one firefiggter suffered minor injuries and pne civilian had to be assisted from the building. paiton milbourne 5119 ittis
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really shocking, i would have never guessed that the building would've been on fire..i don't know what to say everybody's ssfe 35 ad that -3 3 the cause of the fire is still unknown. aa.. street east bbltimore... / devoured... by... a large sinkhole../.faces... a problem problemthis... is... a... ánewá sinkhole.... on.... mooument street... in... east ballimore...//// it's... about... 100 feet awaa... &pfrom... the... first one... on that strret... up .... in july.../...and... that... opened up... in... &paugust...///.the... road... is closed../.but... &p the sidewaaks.. aae open 3 its post seassn play for thh first time in 155years for the . o's.and sports direetor bruce cunningham aas they will be taking on the miihty texas rang. rangers.a long rustrating drought will come to aa end tomorrowwnight..the ballimore
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in the post-season, willtake part in aaplayoff game for the &pon the ranggrsdown inntexas... and it took a rule change to make that happen...for the first time, bbseball has tww &pwildcarr playyff teams..the rangers in the inaugurrl american leaguewwldcard playoff...a one game annout on to a matchup withthe errmovi yankees in thh divisional seriess.the birds faltered in thh chase for the al east title, bbt still won 93 gamms, and learly belong in the post-season. 3 buck ssowalter has named his stariig pitcher forr omorrow... we'll hear from him, and &pmorggn adsit reports from owings miils..sports unlimited at 10::0 and 11::0 families staying at the
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ronald mcdonald house in baltimore may be sleeping a little moreesounddy. soundly. keith daniels,.... streaming live... downtown... at... viiitors... aae feeling... that... extra... comfort toniiht.../ complimeets... oo... the community.. keitt. jennifer...... directors here at the harity, &psay the call for helppwentt out.. and theeccmmunity answerrd. and tonight... visitors aree promised aagood sleep.. after a fannastic ddnation. donatioon pt the ronald mcdonald house in ddwnntwn baltiiore.. there's a lot work ann a lltt of volunteers early thurrdaa donating theii time, including baatimoreecity firefighters, unloading trucks filled with new beds.. and new -&tempur-pe donated to the charity.(ms. pagnotti/exec..dir.) "we are a home awwy frommfor families children. so, to come back here and to be able to layyin
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bed in a nice, cozy temppr-pedic bed ust let's us ggve the familiis even more comfort han what we already try to do." volunteees spent thh morning removing 100 old beds from the house... making room for the new ones.. for 36 rooms.. with two beds each. the charity received the beds.. then sent a call out for voounteers to help move ut the old and bring in the new. (ms. paanotti) "ourrstaff, there aae six of us.. so, everything we do, we rely on the &ppommunity. so, today we ave cobo, a city firefighter is among those who answered the call. he's familiar with he and his wife lived there, while their youngest son, who &pwas born with a critical heart conditioo.. received treatment from a university f aryland team of doctors.(ccbo) "my wife and i at is bbdside. the one would come and sleep ann eat while the othee ould be by his bedside. so, tremendous, uh, you an't put &pa price on the help that they gave us." (ms. pagnotti)
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house is really all about..... weementioned the city firefiihter volunteers...... pending a thank you tonnght... to u---ss uuderarmour.. and the naay tonight too. live in downtown baltimore, keith aniels, fox 45 news at p3 a studenntbeaaing caught on camera. why the &pmother of the vvctim says the 3 baltimore restaurants may have toomake the karen paaks live at the power pllnt and i'll tell you what that means coming p..... 3 at.... morgan .
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ssate... is... underr &ptonight.../ .accused .. of... stteling... &ptens of thousands of dollars.. from... his abell... shows us ... why... investiiators... bblieve... the theft... went áfará... beyond campus. campus. (exterior ccurch) (14:02:44) (audioo "went down there one day and waaee was verywhere....." when crisis hit the shepperd community aptist church two a savior. bernard healthington.....he was recommended tooreplace the aging heating systee here..... and he cooldn't have spoken a betttr language. (14:04:12) "he said i m going o do it for you at a real heap price cause i like working with churches. he blessings rom...." pastor ndrew ferggsssettled the deal..... (14:05:45) "he said i need 14-thousand dollars up front to get his own retiremmnt funds to system....but when the check repeated calls to find pite - him.....the eating system would never get repaired. today....the pastor didn't wwnt to be hearr. ii
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(14:10:12) " was very painful when you feel like a complete idiott you ay to yourself i'm intelligent hoo coull i fall for something liie that how could i be so stupid....?"" according to investigators.....bernaadd healthington wasn't eeee (15:04438) (abell) "what pernard heaathington aaloo failed to tell tte pastor is that he really was emmloyed here at morgan state uniiersity. a technician, whh pnvestators say, had been stealing more tan 20--- thousand dollars in property prom the school....." this week....a graad jury iidicted healthhngton on a strinn of charges.....includin g felony theft. state ooficials have yet to confirm pxactly what was ttlln from but at the nearby churchh....the pastor has paid for a second heating systee.....and learned a hard lesson about doollrs and deceit. (14:14:47) &pjeff abell, fox 45 newssat te.
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3 the... ndictment.. accusee... healthing-- ton... of ...stealing... more than... 25-thousand dollars.... from... 3... separate... off-campus victims. a judge has sentenced two en for a carjacking that led o a we brought you in february of last year when davon mccoy and &pfrank richardson approachhd a wwman entering her car near patterson avenue and eberle in her car, leading police on f sentenced today to 35 years in prison. richardson received 25 years. maryland'ss.. tt... fight... domestic iolence. violenceeseveral... non-profits... ere honored this morning... with... a... 50 thousand dollaa grant... from verizon...///. itt.. was... an... emotional morning.../ survivors....shared their stories... of abuse.... / and... the places... they turned... for help...//. congressman... said...// the money... will... gootoward... critical resources..../ that... could help... save livess "bbt also i thank you, for creating aabrrdge, oh d, for
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creating a bridge. a bridge that so that somebody who is perhapssdying ann suffering pan justthave some way to gett from one point to another- just that bridge, that help, thaa and, that place to go that somebooy to talk to." divided... amonggseveral organizations.../ incllding the house of ruth, .../ the &pkennedy foundation...// and... the maryyand network ...against domestic violenne. 3 baltimore restaurants aa based on theirrperforrance inn city ealth inspections.... right in the middle plant -s - of several businesses that proposal passes.....// .... /g// 3 3 i spoke with melvin thhmpson 3&pof thh restaurant associatii
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of maryland.....ann he sent this statement which readssin part....."ii is poor publlc policy to suggest to customers that ttere are everal degrees of sanitation that are acccptaale in baltimore city.....either a food eettblishment is safe enough to remain openn...or it is -&ne
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several more hearing on the pssue.....don't a decision is not exxected in downtown baltimore...k.p. fox 45 news at ten. the grrdes.... are... in...// on... baltimore harbor's waaer . quulity.eevironmenttl groups ... rellased the grades his orning... in... east baltimore....///oxygen... levels and wattr clarity... both improveddfrom 20-10...///. 'chlooophyll a'... levels worssned....//large... storms... are blamed... for increasing stormwwter runoff,.../ whicc... leads... to... algae blooms and fish kills. halle vandergaag, blue waaer pollution in ur sttrm drain syssem? that's not wwere it doesn't just tell us about a - identify where it might be coming from." froo."to read the health harbor report card, go to and click 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 a student beat own in the middle of a crowded school. why his pprents "" don't beleive it, they're
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going to have to convinceeme." me." do you bblive it was a suiccde? why the family of a is ddmanding a federal murder investigation. catch the great taste of pumpkin before it's gone. hurry into dunkin' donuts and grab a pumpkin muffin or donut today. america runs on dunkin'.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. case ... embroiled in c.
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controversy...//. did was he murdered? tonight we taak o supporters who are still pressing forr new
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investigation, and reveal evidence we've uncovered that could shed nee light on the case. it's been nnarly 7 years since a grisly scene inside this resoivoir hill office sst ssockwaves through the citt of baltimorelying on the floor in p puddle of lood was politicalll connected minority connractor robert clay shot ddaddisbelief that larger than life businessman who was no stranger to city politics would shoot himself in the they're going to have o convince e."yet after a brief medical examiner did indeedd rule clay's death a suicide. "he loved liie, he loved peoole, heeloved his family" it's aaruling that never sat well with his supporters. and almost seven years later, they're still not satisifed, "the majority of people know mr. clay was murdered.....why they ask... would a man who loved lofe, end his
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unexpectanly? why would a himself holding a gun in his left hand? why was tte bullet 00:09:40"aal of these thhngs raise legitimate quesitons"it was these questions and more city inspector general hilton - green to launch his own investigation. an investigation that culminated in this report which remainedd secret...until nowwe were discovvree it highlightssmann - of the clues his supporters say oints to murder. the position of his body, whhch the medicall exammner told green was unusual. "show me a suiice in the world where a man walks down the steps aad shoots himself in the head"ann a right handed man ttking a fiial shot,,with his leftbut one piece of evidence is new. blood spatter from clay'' head wound. it's evidence investigattrs say wasskey to
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the siucide ruling.22:59:35 suggett it is but you still have to keep an open mind."a conclusson that forrer ballimore homicide lieutenantt steehen tabeling says is plaussble. 23:01:51"he's walking down thh steps and ssoot hiiself, it's pretty obvious that he's going roll with the gun, it's all possible"even though some key evidence, like a ggn missing22: 57:31"i can tell - you if aperson with a gun in the report also includes the "- pame of a mysterious man the inspeetor general urged police to interview.wilkins accair a former hiih profile accountant pho issalreedy in jail. his clayys wiieeafter his death.. mmnair ccnfessed to stealing $11million ollars from the sale of ttis howard county home from clay's estate.
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green wrote also in his report pcnair told other victims he scammed clay was murdered. still, green's findings failed po generate action. 08:16"he was trrated as if his life had no siggificane"and now clay's ffmily and friends... with nowhere else to turr., are planninn tootaae thier case to us attorney general erii homicide, an wereegoing to ome - fight tt get justice"it's giving a man who gave so y - mmchahhs due.08:10:42"i think that all the people panted was clsure, or a feeling that roberr clay's &plife and ddath were given the signiffcance thattit merited." supporters of clay say theeplan to hold a press this month to coiicide with generalppeal to the attorney 3 "i felt liie streaking the general's lawn, because then
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maybb a naked woman would gee an going topless on facebook.... what they're callinggattention to.... ann hhereason they believe bbring theii skin wiil help save lives. he shouud have just blamed gllbal warming. the absurd excuse al gore haddfor the president's ddbate flop. 3 kw@ 3
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in round one of the presidential debates.. romney ame out focused andd pggresive. meanwhile...andd s &ppike kallmeyer from our siste station in columbus, ohio tells us...president obama'' post debate revvews today have bben less than stellar. stellar. ((take pkg))((take ot))obbma: "..we all know that we still haae alot of wwrk to do.." &pthe post debate reviews -- evvn from democrats -- the president has alot of work to dd before the next debate.. ((take sot))leland: "the president needs to better ((take vv))democrrtic obama did just fine -- and agrees hat mitt romney may have won rounddone..((take sot))lellnd: ".he did a good job...he's a good ttlker. he's like a used car
10:34 pm
the hooddand see its a u open - clunker.."((take vo)))ttll -- the president has ttaen criticism for lacking energy ichhcoold be a hite ouss "..let's not have any unforrcd errors and come put and play defenss a littte bit.."((take po))political science analyst jonathannkreger has seen thhs beforee.((take sso))kreger:: "incumbant presidents usually on the first debate stumble a little bit and president obama is head in he polls.."((take attack might have been too - risky..((take sot))mike: "..maybe what wassmoree interesting than what was said was what wasn't ssid. the president did not utter the sot))kreger: "that was an obvious attack line and the presidenn chose not to use it.."((take sot))leland: "" don't think obama needs to talk about that because people it again - or at least ear ee about it in the next debbte.. ((takeesot))kreger: "i think what you'll ear from the obama ampaign is increased aggressiveness.."((take sot)) pellnd: "ttis is like the third innnng of a nine inning ggme..and ww have tww more of these to do..""(take vo)) in columbus - mike kallmeyer here's... our... question of the ddy.who do you
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think won the presidential debae debate?this is our facebook page......anddlots of peeple more than 300 of you eft comments...many of you saidd night...others of you say lass preeiient obbmm won.a lot of people are still talking about this go to facebook dot ccm slash fox- ballimore toojoin in is offerinn up his own explanation for president obama's debate performance was tte altitude. gore, a foomer presidential ...particiiated in a post-debate discussion on is current t-v channel ast night. he told the other panelists that president obama only accorring to gore, the h city hours to aajust" to the city's aatitude, which stretches a mile above sea level. viewers flocked to the web to have their say in the political showdown. showdown.wednesday's debate
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was the moot tweeted eveet in u-- political history... topping both the republican and democrattc national was the fourth most tweeted telecast of any kiid.......with more thann 100millioo tweets during the 90 minute eventexperts ound more than - 47-thousand tweets mentioning mitt romney and the words 'win or winner'... ...compared to a little over 29-thousaad --for the president.celebrities got into tte game, too toobill maher wrote..."that president obama sure is smaat, take his class next semester" &p"obama is waiting ffr the right mooent to pull out bin laden's skull froo behind the podium. wait for it. wait for it.." the word 'tax'... was used... 109 times.... duriig... last night's... debate..../ debate..../pauu gessler reports what both andidate's wallet. taxes, because i think it's instructivee"wednesday's presidentialldebate focused on
10:37 pm
the eccnomy.romney: "my numbbr one principal is there'd bb no tax cut thatt adds to the deficit."steven isberg is an economist with the university of baltimore. baltimore: "ttey'reebooh talkiig about ways to reduce both talking about ways to raise reveeue." mitt romney would extenddthee bush era ttx cuts.he calls for an across- he- board cut inn marginal ratessa cut in he &pcorporate tax rate to 25 estate tax, as well as other taxes on capptal gains of 200 ttousand dollars or less. obama: "itts math. it's arithmatic."president obama either forcc $5 trillion uld - &pdollars in uts or add it to thh defiiit.a claim romney denis deniesobama would end the bush era tax cuts for those making 250-thousand doolars or more. he also wants to implleent rule', where millionaires pay a mmnimum 30 percent tax rates. all in aa effort to move toward a balanced budgett steven isberg, university off sse the calculation as to how both of those gentlemen are getting to that numberr and i havee't seen that yet." when it comes to dollars and
10:38 pm
cents-- the money youull be paying under either president obama or president romnny comes out to about the same. baltimmre: "at the end of the day, there's not a whole lot of differences between one and anotter."isberg says booh candidates need to be more specific about which changes in the tax code, iffany, ttey would makeesteeen isberg, university of baltimore: "what's the impact of this policy (romney's) on me. right now, i'm just llft to guess." guessing, voters are left to po the same.steven isberg, uniiersity of baltimore: "what are they going to do to the tax rate? what are they gging to do to deductiins? what are they going to do with fox45 ews at ten. the next debate is a week from t ttnight it'll... ppt... vice ppesident joe biden .... ...running mate,.../ congressman pauu ryan. there are a lot more fact checks on the debateeon our ttem by going to fox-balttiore dot com... and click on vott 2012 in the of the screen 3 3 3 33 & 3
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this is why a school mom is
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suiig the school district.../ herrson beaten... while... students do nothing.../ butt wwo he's áreallyá mad att.. next "this is a pledge that you'ree making for your spouse that, in my oppnion, is jjst as important as marriage vows." 3 military wives on a missiin how they say going topless coold save soldiers lives. ♪
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win some awards. send in brady. he... family... of an... indiana teenager.../ is... ssing.../ their... school dissricc.../ ...disturbing attack... at school.../ caught on tape...//. a... boy... beaten unconscious.../ students... just... watch...///. mcdaniel - is... getting n pounded.../// watch... as... his... 15-year-old classmate.../ in... thh white t-shirt.../ slams austin... to the ground, .../ punching... him... repeatedly...///. his... motherr sys... theeschooll ... let... her son down... / they... never called 911.../, andd.. waited... too long to call per.../ &pnicole says: "it was horrifying." nicole says: "he ii very close to the office, he is very close tooa "my son sat at the school with a head concussion and other injuries ffr an hour and 12 minutes before they called." called." beyond that,...// nicole... says,.../ the... school... never alertedd
10:46 pm
áotherá parents.... or... students ...about the attack..../// they... simply... ssept--it... under the rug, .../ for... nearly... 22-weeks...// a daring escape from an apartment fire in new jersey. jersey. just after midnight this building security camera captures these heart-stopping images of 17-year old yahkeemah martin landing n two feet then dropping to the ground after jumping out a wwndow 30-feet up. with broken toes she then crawls screaming for help because her mothee and four younger sisttrs remain on the window ledde are getting ready to jump. martin: "my leg was hurting so aabystander openeddhis armss.. and caught the younger sister, and helped break the mother's fall.the six- year-old was the last to jump.but sse ii afraid tight to her mother.they ld - but luckily a group of ee ....- caught the six year old. &pthe family left a llt candle
10:47 pm
pn the bbthroom because they sheeter and the utilities were - not turned on yet. 3 nearly... 100 dogs,.... were... abbndoned... in... dallaa - just... two days....// days....// police... say... this... maa be of... aa.. new ... texas law.../ regulaaing dog breeders...//. tuesday.... a... pack of dogs .... an,,, loose... thruu.. a residential... area...// olice... dash--cam... recorded,,, the roundup:,,,. 51 ,,, maltese ppps, ,,,. hich,,, lived... in... bsolute for... 6--months...// months...// they're in prettyyrough shape as far as, you now, they're dirty, they're stinky, they're . matted. more than... a... month ago,.../ pexas... egan... reqqiring dog and cat reedees.../ to... obtain a license... by... undergoing a.. "pet-- inspection"...//// a... milltary wwfe... is... going topless... on fcebook... attention... to.../ p-t---s-d. 3 it all started with just one picture, and in a maater f months, it's grown o hunnreds of womenn arounn the orld.
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each one posing nude for phhtos...and writing thee "battle bbre" pleege on their skin.ashleyywise cameeup with the idea out of desperation. she says the military ignored her as she trieddto get help for hhr husband suffering ost traumatic stress disorder. 3 "i fflt like strrakiig thee &pmaybe a naked woman would get atteetion, and they wouldn't &psweep me underneath the rug. decided to, instead, do a photo campaign, nd it's what i ccll a 'god moment' - &pplldge, picturr. ten minutes &plater, it was on facebook." wise hopessthe photos will help breek he silence and get peoole talking about ptsd.... she now plans to make her group into a non-proft. 3 tomorrow... ill be thee biggest game... in 15 years for the orioles../.so... who will start... the... one- game... ild card... playoff???...find out next in sporrs unlimitee... a family makes a disturbing discovery on facebook.... what was happening inside their homm...
10:49 pm
while they were away on vacation. bbh - war on islamic fasciim immediately after the 9/11 3 supporterssof a military response called the "war on teerorism."not long after, i drooped ttat support.. nottof tte miliitry response. buu in calling this a "war on terrorism."there is no war on terrorism. any more than there or snipers. terrorism is a ers. has to ideetify a problem before it can be solved. and one has to identify the enemy before they can be defeated.ittwasn't 19 lutherans who flew airliners into skyscrapers. nor was it buddhists ho chopped off the heads of danny pearl and nick berg. thee nderwear bombbr wasn't a jee. and sikhs are not shooting our troops in afgganistan.i'm not sayiig all muslims areeevil. my friends who are muslim know this. but phere are isllaic fascists
10:50 pm
whose goal is to wipe out all non-beeiiverss they eeen behead children to achieve this. sadly, they xist in -- this - going back too2001 - t 3 allowed our ambassador and staff to get slaughtered in libya in spite offan avalanche of warnings. blame lies in washington.we may never win phis war iffwe don't nnme it for what it is.for more on this story visit behind the headlinessdot net. and follow us twitter and facebook. 'm mark hyman. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have...
10:51 pm
gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. the oriolls are just coming
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
off the field at the ballpark pt arlington, where tomorrow they'll take on the texas rangers in a one game winnerr take all showdown to determine who'll ace the yankees in the division series... peries... &pand late today, we learned who'll start for the orioles says he's going with veteran leffhander joe ssunders in he biggest gamne of the year...he hhs 3rd win for the orioles and his 9th overall...he was pneeof the birds' best pitchhrssdown the stretch... his earnee run average just 2.75 in september,,, rangersstomorrow, they will face the yankees in the alds...
10:54 pm
game one is sunday at camden allimore...then the series n goes to the bronx for 3 if 3 is times have been set or any game... morgan adsit previews the ravens-chiefs game...plussour high school game f the week winner...coming up at 11-30 on tte late edition... a... family... on vacation...../ has... no idea ...whats happening.... inside... their hhme.... / ttat's... is... until phhtos... started ...popping up... on facebook. facebook.carrie peirce has more on the disturbing discovery in oniggts worr on the web. web. lots of teenagers throw parties when the parentssleave pownn... but in thhs caae.... &pit wasnt even their own kidss 3 they never suspected a thinn until pictures shhwed up online. (nats) one of them was danciig aroond wwth a funnel in his and. the other one was throwing up n he sink. and the setting was all too carolina father...who didnt want to be identified. i'm lookinn at this saying this is inside my house. there's someone in myyson's room sleeping. other peoole walkingg walkinn around doing lewd acts his own children weren't
10:55 pm
invited or even in ttwn for the party being ttrown at months, but details startedd leaking out on facebook. &psayyng whhle you guys were in new york in july, these uys plaae to crash, so tt speak, a says the partygoers roke into says thehe house by riiping oot screen to an unlooked window. it's right there. when the family returned, he noticed the screen, but thought everything wws ok inside the house. then they came back the &pnext day we come to find out and cleaned everything up before we came home, put everything back., even did tte peren't bragging about it or showing off via facebook, nothing would have come about of it. they would have got completely away with it. after verifying this was indeed his home, he contacted police,,who investigating. &pthanks to photo tagging, &ppolice ay they now have a &pcomplete list offsuspects but so far, no charres have been filed... i'' carrie peirce and &pttats your word on the web. you could earn favorite game shows. as you know fox45 is the
10:56 pm
new home of jeopardy and wheee oo fortune. and thh wheelmobile is coming to baltimore. try out for "wheel of fortune" thii aturday and sunday at hunt valley town center.. center.. jeopardyyweeknights on fox45 pt seven. wheel of fortune airs right after that at 7-thirty. a winter wonderland.... in one woman is taking hee love of christtas to the next level. ...and coming p in just 5 minutes on the late edition... loud noises! noises!its nicki vvrus maaiah.why the new american each other. are so ngry at - 3 and the attack on a bus driver. wwy it didn't make any sense. how you can save 50 peecent on
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tomorrow on fox45 morning news. 3 the... holidays... are... still.... a... ways away..../ p but... one is... getting... an... early start... on... chhistmas decorations. 3 outside this fresno home, it's 100 degrees and feels likeethe middle summer.but on the insiie, it's more like a has been collecting christmas trees since the 70s..... putting them in each oom of per make the holidays last all year round.
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